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Have you been thinking of going to the Blue Lagoon and noticed that it is closed due to COVID-19 or are you looking for another Icelandic hot spring to visit from Reykjavik? We have some suggestions for you!
These are our top 4 of the best hot springs in or near Reykjavik. Ready? Here we go!


Icelandic Hot Springs
Map of Iceland hot springs Reykjavik

Top 4 Best Hot Springs Near Reykjavik


➔ Located in Reykjavik – 3 minutes by foot from the Grotta Lighthouse and 15 minutes by foot from the Blue House

Yes, you read it well, only 15 minutes from our Blue House! The foot bath of Seltjarnarnes is not a natural hot spring but the creation of an artist, Olöf Nordal. Kvika is the title of her foot bath sculpture which means capstone. Seltjarnarnes is also a great viewing spot for sunsets and Northern Lights. Treat your exhausted feet from the tour by taking a nice warm foot bath in this tiny geothermal pool and while enjoying the amazing view!

Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry your feet! We can provide you with some, just send us a WhatsApp message.

Why Seltjarnarnes?
∙ Easy to reach from the Blue House
∙ Relaxing atmosphere
∙ Free of charge


Tope hot Springs Iceland
Reykjadalur Valley Image by Jakub Fryš via Wikimedia Commons

➔ 45km from Reykjavik – 40 minutes by car and 1 hour 30 minutes by public transport

Reykjadalur Hot Springs is a thermal river located in Reykjadalur Valley. In order to reach the hot springs, you need to hike up the valley where you will have a beautiful landscape of nature. The hike is 8km in total, taking up approximately an hour. The trail is quite easy to hike, although it could get busy in summer. When you start spotting steams, it means you are almost there! It is a real pleasure to bathe in the hot pools after a hike.

The farther you go up the river, the warmer the water is!

Why Reykjadalur Hot Springs?
∙ Easy to reach from Reykjavik
∙ Hiking experience
∙ Amazing view of nature
∙ Free of charge


➔ 105km from Reykjavik – 1 hour 30 minutes drive

Located around the popular travel route, Golden Circle, this small hot spring is an old stone-walled pool in the middle of nature. It is a private priority but you can freely access the hot spring and enjoy the bath with the landscape.

Be cautious and respect nature as it is vulnerable, always remembering we have to be thankful for what it provides to us.

Why Hrunalaug?
∙ Easy to reach especially if you are touring the Golden Circle
∙ A calm and peaceful spot in nature
∙ Not overcrowded


➔ 117km from Reykjavik – 1 hour 45 minutes drive

Plan to go to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula? Then why don’t you make a stop at Landbrotalug? This tiny natural hot spring is a hidden jam that offers you an amazing Icelandic view. It fits for 2 people – what a romantic pool for a couple!

As Landbrotalaug is very tiny, we strongly advise you to go there very early or rather late to avoid a crowd and a long wait.

Why Landbrotalaug?
∙ Located in the middle of a natural scenic landscape
∙ On the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, not far from the Eldborg Crater
∙ A romantic hot spring for a couple

Hope you enjoy the Icelandic hot spring bath! Share your experience with us at the Blue House ☺


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