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The Top 4 Hot Springs Near Reykyavik

Looking to enjoy some natural warm water but you feel Blue lagoon is too popular and you want somewhere more low-key? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top four recommendations for the best hot springs near Reykjavik. Get ready for some relaxing and rejuvenating experiences!

Best hot spring Iceland
A hot spring near Grotta Light House

A hot spring near Grotta Light House

 Kvika (Seltjarnarnes)

Located just a 15-minute walk from the Blue House, behind a charming little wood hut, and only a 3-minute walk from the Grótta Lighthouse. This isn’t a natural hot spring, but rather an artistic creation by Olöf Nordal. Step into this cute geothermal foot bath and enjoy the warm water while taking in the amazing view!

Good to Know: Remember to bring a towel to dry your feet. If you need one, just send us a WhatsApp message and we’ll provide it for you.

Why should I go? It’s conveniently close to the Blue House, a relaxing spot, and it’s free!

Best hot spring Iceland
A roaring Waterfall

Hot River – Reykjaladur

Located 45 kilometers from Reykjavik (around 40 minutes by car or 1.30 hours by public transport). To reach the hot river, you’ll need to hike through the beautiful Reykjaladur Valley (a total of 8 kilometers) which offers stunning landscapes and colors (takes about 1 hour). The hike is quite accessible, but it can be busy during the summer months. After your hike, reward yourself by bathing in this natural warm water spot, a classic Icelandic hot spring experience.

Good to know: The further upstream you go, the warmer the water gets!

Why should I go? It’s close to Reykjavik, accessible by bus, the hike is easy, and the views are amazing!

Best hot spring
A hot pool near the old stone wall.


Situated 105 kilometers from Reykjavik (around 1.30 hours from downtown). This small hot spring is a stone-walled pool nestled in the middle of nature. Although it’s located on private property, visitors are allowed to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Let’s remember to respect nature and be grateful for this amazing and tranquil place.

Why should I go? It’s in the Golden Circle area, a peaceful and quiet spot, and it’s not overcrowded.

Best Hot Springs Iceland
A hot spring near Landbrotalug.


Located 117 kilometers from Reykjavik, on the way to Snaefellsnes (about 1.45 hours from the capital). If you’re planning a trip to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, make sure to stop at Landbrotalug! This small hot spring is a hidden gem in nature and offers breathtaking Icelandic views. It’s perfect for two people and feels like a cozy spot in the middle of nowhere.

Good to know: As the hot spring is small, it’s recommended to go there early or later in the day to avoid crowds and long waiting times.

Why should I go? It’s surrounded by nature, not far from the Eldborg Crater, and it’s a romantic spot for couples.


Have you visited any of these four hot springs near Reykjavik? Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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