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The 3 Most Astonishing Glaciers in Iceland: Explore a Frozen Wonderland!

Glaciers, massive rivers of ice, are nature’s breathtaking masterpieces. And guess what? Iceland, with its icy wonders covering over 11% of the land, is a glacier paradise! Get ready to be amazed by the top three most astonishing glaciers in Iceland. Join us at Blue House Blog as we unveil these frozen marvels.

Best Glaciers to see in Iceland
Glacier in Iceland


Prepare to be awestruck by Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Europe. This colossal beauty is nicknamed “the water glacier” for a reason. Its sheer size and incredible ice thickness will leave you speechless. Imagine an area covering 8,100 square kilometers (3,100 square miles), almost as vast as Corsica or Cyprus! With 30 outlet glaciers shaping its landscape, Vatnajökull boasts striking scenery along the southern part of the ring road. Explore its wonders on our Blue House tours!

Best Glaciers to see in Iceland
A visitor stands in a glacier cave





It is smaller than the first one but no less attractive. Ravishing Mýrdalsjökull is also known as the glacier of the ‘Mire Valley’. This glacier covers one of Iceland’s largest active volcanoes, Katla. This giant volcano has had huge eruptions every 40 to 80 years since 930 a.d. The last big eruption took place more than 100 years ago. So Katla seems to be a little bit behind schedule for an eruption. But no need to worry scientists are monitoring this volcano 24/7.

Going back to the glacier, visiting Mýrdalsjökull is safe and there are plenty of tours running in this area. You can check for this tour at the Blue house as well. The most famous and striking tongue of Mýrdalsjökull ice cap is the 10km long and 2km wide Sólheimajökull. The prodigious forces of the ice have created sceneries and rugged rock formations.

Best Glaciers to see in Iceland
Jökulsárlón Ice Caves


Step into a world of legends and mysteries with Snæfellsjökull, known as “the entrance to the center of the Earth.” Inspired by Jules Verne’s captivating novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, this glacier holds a special allure for literature and adventure enthusiasts. But that’s not all—Snæfellsjökull is also considered one of the earth’s principal energy centers, exuding a unique and mystical energy. Discover its enchanting beauty on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, where a cone-shaped, active volcano awaits. You can even catch a glimpse of this majestic volcano from Reykjavík on a clear day.

Best Glaciers to see in Iceland
Iceland shoreline sunset

Snæfellsjökull is also known as the ‘snowfall glacier’. It’s located on the tip of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland. It is about 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Reykjavík. This glacier covers a very grand, cone-shaped volcano. The volcano can also be seen from Reykjavík in clear weather. The volcano is still active.

Have you experienced the wonders of these legendary glaciers in Iceland? We would love to hear your stories! Share your thrilling adventures in the comments below and be a part of our vibrant community.

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