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Esjan Near Reykjavik: Local Hiking Guide

Where Is Esjan Located?

Have you heard of Mt. Esjan? It’s located in Kjalarnes, just east of Reykjavik. It’s a short ride from the city, only about 20 km to the north, and getting there is super easy. You’ll find a big parking lot, a map of Iceland, helpful information about the area, and even hiking trail packages. The mountain stands at 914 meters (2,999 feet) and you can hike it all year round. There’s a marked trail to guide you along the way, divided into three sections: first boot, second boot, and third boot, from easy to more challenging.

Hiking guide Reykjavik
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Many people choose to hike up to a point called Steinn, which means “rock” in Icelandic. During the summertime, some adventurous folks make it all the way to the top, but in winter, most people stop at Steinn due to heavy snowfall. If you’re a tourist, it’s best to start your hike in the early morning. You can even stay overnight in a cozy B&B and start your hiking adventure fresh in the morning.

One of the highlights of hiking Mt. Esjan is the beautiful river that runs down the mountain. Its soothing sound accompanies you along the way, making the hike even more enjoyable. Once you reach the top, get ready for an incredible panoramic view of the city. Esjan is also a popular spot for runners, so keep an eye out for them too!

For the best experience, we recommend visiting on weekends during the summer. Don’t forget to wear proper hiking shoes and check the weather conditions beforehand. Dress comfortably and be prepared so you can fully enjoy this amazing hiking spot in Iceland. Safety and comfort are key!

Get ready for an unforgettable hiking adventure on Mt. Esjan near Reykjavik. Lace up your hiking shoes and embrace the beauty of Iceland’s most popular hiking destination.


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