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Best Running Spot in Reykjavik

Best Running Spot in Reykjavik 

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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable running adventure in Reykjavik? Grab your running shoes and join me as I guide you through the picturesque landscapes of Seltjarnarnes. Let’s dive in!

The route I’m about to share will take you along the scenic seaside of Seltjarnarnes, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your run. You have the option to start either from the side facing Esja Mountain or take the opposite route – the choice is yours!

Start: Grótta Lighthouse

Our journey begins at the iconic Grótta Lighthouse, a place close to my heart. This charming lighthouse has stood tall since 1947, guiding ships through the night. Adjacent to it, there’s an old farm that adds a touch of nostalgia to the surroundings. Depending on the tide, you might even have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the lighthouse. I remember one time, as the waves crashed against the rocks, I stood there in awe, feeling a deep sense of connection with Iceland’s rich maritime history.

Continuing our run, we’ll pass by the scenic Brautarholt Golf Course. This golf course, established in 1964, holds a special memory for me. I recall a sunny afternoon when I decided to take a break from running and tried my hand at golfing. It was a comical sight as I stumbled upon the scattered stones on the ground, but it brought a smile to my face, reminding me of the simple joys of exploration and adventure.

As we proceed, we’ll come across the historic Guard Post, which holds tales from World War II. This building once played a vital role in protecting Reykjavik Harbor from potential threats. As I ran past it on a misty morning, the haunting beauty of the deserted guard post captivated me. However, to my surprise, I saw a group of girls inside, savoring a glass of wine and relishing the breathtaking view. Their audacity and joy reminded me that sometimes the most memorable moments arise from unexpected encounters and the sheer magic of being in Iceland.

Final stop : Suðurnesvarða,

Here you’ll find a majestic rock adorned with a yellow cross. This spot holds a special place in the hearts of bird enthusiasts, as it serves as a gathering spot for various bird species. As a nature lover, I spent hours observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. One particular encounter with a flock of seagulls soaring above me left an indelible mark on my soul, reminding me of the delicate balance and beauty of the natural world.

Isn’t this path an absolute delight? The Seltjarnarnes Peninsula offers an idyllic setting for a run, a leisurely walk, or a delightful bike ride. It’s a breath of fresh air, a sanctuary of beauty and calm in the bustling city of Reykjavik.

Pro tip: If you have the chance, visit this route during sunset. Witnessing the vibrant hues of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon is a truly mesmerizing experience that will stay with you forever.

So, lace up your running shoes, embrace the enchantment of Reykjavik, and hit the trail! We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you think this is the best running spot in Reykjavik. Share your feedback and personal stories with us – let’s embark on this remarkable journey together!

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