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Aurora Season: When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights best time
Shutter Stock Description: View of the Northern Lights from the city center in Reykjavik, Iceland Credit: Javen Meta Tag: Northern Lights over Reykjavik

Have you ever dreamed of witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights? Well, The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a breathtaking natural phenomenon that occurs in regions with high latitudes. Caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere due to solar wind, these beautiful lights which dance across the sky can be seen year-round.

To catch a glimpse of this awe-inspiring spectacle, you need darkness, my friend. That’s why the best time to see the Northern Lights is between late September and early April when the nights are longer and darker. But wait, there’s more to consider!

Weather is an unpredictable thing, and good conditions are essential in order to see the Northern Lights. If it is too cloudy one night, the lights will probably not be visible. Some natives in Iceland have become experts in knowing when conditions for seeing the Aurora Borealis are optimal. However, the rest of us foreigners need a way to know when we can see them.

How to see the Northern Lights

Clever tools, like the Service Aurora EU website, that provide hourly and three-day forecasts based on real-time data from NASA. They’ve got solar wind gauges and everything as well as information on how to interpret all of their data.! You can even sign up for Aurora Alerts to get instant notifications on your phone when there’s a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Talk about convenience!


Best time to see Northern Lights
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Northern Lights from your Window

Now, picture this: You’re staying at BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast, nestled in the cozy comfort of our Grotta Northern Lights House. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your room is Grotta, one of the best locations in Iceland to witness the Northern Lights. With your trusty Aurora Alerts on standby, you’ll be ready to catch those dancing lights right from your window. Imagine the thrill and excitement!

Even if you choose one of our other houses near Reykjavik, fear not, my friend. The chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis are still incredibly high. In fact, you can see them from Reykjavik itself! Our other houses are just a short five-minute walk away, making it super convenient to soak in the beauty of the Northern Lights.

So why wait? Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book your room at BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast today and get ready to witness the breathtaking Northern Lights right outside your door. The anticipation is building, my friend. See you soon!


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