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10 Undiscovered Places To Best Experience The Aurora Borealis In Iceland.

The Northern Lights known as Aurora Borealis is a spectacular and famous light display observed in the sky. It happens naturally and has been tagged to various effects and phenomena over time. It is seen in regions with high latitudes. The science behind its occurrence is closely linked to the ionization of atmospheric particles resulting in the production of these lights of various colors.

It is captivating, and a beautiful display of colors, and seeing it is on the to-do list of A-List travelers. The Northern Lights are best experienced in completely dark areas. without any structure obstructing the view and in a good spot. These are features of a perfect and ideal spot to view and experience this natural marvel. The Northern Lights are unpredictable but occur only between October and March. It occurs around midnight.

That said, we have put together a list of ideal locations perfect for viewing the northern lights. Asides from the popular spots such as various locations in Reykjavík. The Jökulsárlón, Vik, and Kirkjufell. our focus will be on the locations that provide a fantastic viewing experience. They are:


A spot away from the city. Its terrain is covered in moss, and its isolated location makes it a perfect spot that allows you to gaze overhead at the skies.


A small isolated and quiet village, in the North-West of Iceland. Famous for its herring factory, now abandoned is also a recommended spot to view the lights.


A large fjord, shaped like an L, in western Iceland. Dark at night it makes a good spot to see the lights and provides a great view of the adjoining ocean.


A stream that flows along Þrengslavegur, a major road in southern Iceland. The stream itself is a beauty. This is a recommended location because of the absence of structures. It gives you a clear view of the sky, and it is not so high on the popular list yet provides a top-notch view. The terrain is covered in moss or snow, depending on the month.


Part of the West Fjords and famous for its extensive cliffs. Seeing the lights from a cliff somewhat gives a feeling that one is closer to the sky, thus making this spot ideal. The cliffs can be steep and make a perfect location for tourism with enough sights.


A 15m tall basalt rock that shoots out from the Húnaflói Bay. A formed rock formation serves as home to several birds. On its own, it serves as an attraction due to the reflection on the water around it by the aurora borealis.

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Located in the peninsula of Seltjarnarnes. it is close to central Reykjavik and a short walk from a major northern lights spot – Grótta Lighthouse. It is an ideal location for a private viewing of the northern lights, even from the rooms.


One of the oldest yet historic, swimming pools in Iceland. It measures up to 25m in length and is a protected outdoor pool. Lying at the foot of a mountain it was supplied with somewhat hot water. Makes for a magical experience when combined with viewing the northern lights. On its own, it is a tourist attraction and ideal for hiking.


A small town located in the south of Iceland and has historic sites that are worth visiting. With its sparse population, light pollution is reduced. In winter, the river banks become frosty and an ideal spot to see the dotted northern lights in the sky.


A small town located towards the south of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. It is known for its beautiful waterfall – Skogafoss, on the Skógá River. Since it is populated it is a great and not-so-popular location to watch the aurora. It is definitely on our list of recommended spots to view the northern lights. In fact, a lucky photographer captured the lights. as they lit up the waterfall, providing a fairytale-like experience that is captivating. It is so amazing that this picture has been recreated to sell.

Trust me experiencing the Northern Lights is amazing. It is once in a lifetime experience. and it is definitely worth it. Now that you know all the cool hidden spots to enjoy this beauty, start making your plans to see them now!

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