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Iceland's Summerhouse Culture
Photo Credit @Jonathan Ybema on Unsplash

Just imagine yourself, after a long work week that felt like a year, taking off from the noise of the city and retreating to a pleasant cabin in the middle of the mountains. You will have nothing to do there but relax, be with your family or friends or special someone, and enjoy the awe-inspiring Icelandic wilderness. These are the summerhouses in Iceland. Sounds like a perfect weekend escape, right? Trust me, IT IS!

Sumarbústaðir or summerhouse in Iceland translates to “summer dwelling”. Contrasting to the name, these summerhouses in Iceland are not only used during the summer! Icelanders visit their summerhouses all year round and you can find them all over the country, but more often in remote places. Almost all Icelanders own their very own summerhouses, which they often share between multiple families or friends.

Summerhouses in Iceland are pretty luxurious. Some have barbecues, fully equipped kitchens, and bathrooms. So, everything that one needs to fully relax over the weekend!

Iceland's Summerhouse Culture
Photo Credit @Einar H Reynis on Unsplash

Here Are Some Activities To Enjoy at a Summerhouse in Iceland:

  • You can read a book.
  • You can simply enjoy some quality time with your family or friends.
  • You can play board games.
  • You can go for a walk around the area where is located your summerhouse.
  • You can just relax and enjoy the magnificent view
  • Of course, eat and drink (a lot!)
  • You can enjoy a bath in the hot tub (if your summerhouse has one)
  • You can have a barbecue (this is normally during the summer!)
  • Or you can simply play outside in the snow (this is normally during winter!)

So, doesn’t this all sound like a dreamy weekend? Seeing that tourism in Iceland has increased, most Icelanders have started to rent out their summerhouses to locals and tourists as well. This is a great chance for travelers to experience the culture of summerhouses in Iceland.

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