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BlueHouse – A Bed and Breakfast or a Hotel?

A Bed and Breakfast, commonly known as B&B is a close-knit, often family-run establishment that provides, literally, bed or night accommodations and breakfasts the next morning.

Most times B&Bs are private family homes with the owners as the hosts. Room types often range from private lodgings with separate private bathrooms or private rooms with shared bathrooms. Principally, the rooms could be as little as 4 and as many as 12 on a property. In some locations, it is referred to as a guest-house.


A hotel typically provides accommodations of diverse grades and manners for varying
durations. The cost per room is dependent on what facilities are available in the room.

Some would have a TV, chairs, and refrigerator, to mention a few. Other services rendered would result in additional costs. These include business centers, lunch, laundry, basketball or tennis courts, car rentals, a gym, etc. In recent times, there has been an abundance of luxury chain hotels.

B&B on Budget in Iceland
Northern Lights above Blue House

As much as these institutions are similar, they are different and we would enlighten you about these differences and why we are a bed and breakfast.


In bed and breakfasts, guests are usually treated to a freshly prepared homemade meal, while a hotel would typically offer a continental breakfast range. The difference is that in a hotel, a guest is billed for breakfast. At times, you are made to sign somewhere or pay at the door before entry is permitted. In like manner, there is an extra charge on every amenity required.

Some hotels provide snacks and treats, but these come at a fee, whereas in the B&B this is usually free. Parking is one of the several amenities that come at an additional cost in a hotel. Length of time spent would also increase this cost, whereas, parking is free at a B&B.


There is no way to talk about B&Bs without mentioning hospitality. In a hotel, the wait staff would greet you, fetch your luggage, and is there to assist you when you need it. They are workers and most times, there is no connection as they are just there to do a job, however in a B&B, the host does all this and more.

More often than not, your host is the owner of the apartment and welcomes you wholeheartedly. They know the history of every material or effect. Whatever needs to be done, queries you talk directly to the owner of the apartment, this fosters a certain bond and makes for closeness. It is somewhat similar to being in your home. The host and his group would have worked closely over time and could almost pass off as a family on their own to an untrained eye.

The waitstaff, concierge, and bellhops abound in hotels and expect a tip, while this is not so at the B&B, your host functions in all these capacities and are glad to recommend activities and provide historical facts about locations around. They will provide you with insider tips and local effects if needed.

Furthermore, the rooms in a B&B usually exude charm, they are uniquely arranged and detailed. Some boast of historical elements and add a personal touch to make your stay regal, while in hotels, all the rooms are oftentimes the same and lack individuality and personal touch.

Overall B&Bs are a finer way to stay, they offer greater value, and individual attention is assured when you stay at a bed and breakfast.

B&B on Budget in Iceland
Snow Blue House

Blue House

When planning your next vacation, take time to focus on your activities and where you would be staying. We would recommend you stay at a B&B for the closeness and warmth it offers. Research popular spots and read reviews. If you are considering coming to Iceland, we welcome you to stay at Blue House. Click Here to book your stay.

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