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Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: My Thrilling Glacier Hiking Adventure

Join me as I recount my extraordinary experience hiking a glacier on the South Coast of Iceland. Now, I must confess, I’m not the most athletic person, but  standing atop that glacier was an  adventure that I’ll cherish forever. From the moment I booked this excursion, anticipation coursed through my veins. This was uncharted territory for me, and I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in this thrilling escapade. As the bus carried us to our destination, glimpses of the majestic glacier in the distance filled me with excitement. This was going to be an adventure like no other.

Preparing for the Glacier Hike

Before our grand glacier hiking experience, we made a stop at a quaint house in the midst of nowhere. Through its large window, we gazed upon the frozen mountain, a sight that left us awestruck. The hospitable hosts treated us to steaming hot coffee and tea, making us feel instantly welcome. Their friendly demeanor and humor created a warm and safe atmosphere. Clear instructions were provided, and the staff ensured that all our equipment was in perfect working order. They even gave gloves to those who didn’t have their own. We were in good hands.

The Trek to the Glacier and the Ascent

The journey to the glacier was met with biting cold and a relentless wind that tempted me to go back home. Along the way, we paused to capture the breathtaking scenery in photographs. The staff, always ready with a smile, offered their photography skills to ensure that each moment was beautifully immortalized. The ascent to the summit left us utterly speechless. We found ourselves walking amidst towering ice formations, feeling the chill beneath our feet, and marveling at the intricate bubbles trapped within. Shades of crystal blue and jet black, a result of volcanic ash, danced before our eyes. While the slippery climb posed its challenges, the staff provided invaluable assistance, sharing fascinating insights and captivating stories.

Hiking in Glacier Reykjavik
People Hiking Glaciers

Awe-Inspiring Moments atop the Glacier

The panoramic view from the glacier’s summit was nothing short of awe-inspiring. A tranquil expanse stretched out before us, devoid of buildings, smoke, or noise. Nothing obstructed our vision. The weather graced us with perfection, as if nature itself had conspired to enhance our experience. It was a moment when time seemed to stand still. We quenched our thirst with the purest water from babbling rivers, its crispness a delightful surprise. As we descended, gentle snowflakes cascaded around us, creating a whimsical snowstorm that added a touch of magic to our journey.

Hiking in Glacier Reykjavik
Top of a Glacier

Indescribable Impressions

I emerged from this adventure feeling like a true explorer, having tasted the essence of genuine adventure. Words fail to capture the overwhelming emotions I experienced while standing atop that glacier. I felt an incredible sense of pride and empowerment. If given the chance, I would eagerly repeat this extraordinary feat again and again.

Are you ready to embark on your own glacier hiking experience? Have you already ventured along the South Coast of Iceland? If you’re planning this incredible journey, allow us at Blue House to be your hosts. Share your thoughts and book your stay with us here. We can’t wait to welcome you!


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