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The Perlan Museum Iceland has presented an indoor ice cave that simulates the Aurora, and Northern Lights. It offers a 360 degrees observation deck which is one of the best views in Reykjavik.

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The idea of the structural design of the Perlan Museum Iceland

Kjarval is an artist who in the 1930s originally thought about the idea of the structural design of the Perlan Museum. He wanted to place this building at the crest of the hill Öskjuhlíð to reflect the Northern Lights. Nevertheless, his vision was not realized until 1991, here is a poetic statement that he made regarding this dream:

“The sides of the temple should be laid with mirrors, so the northern lights could approach the feet of men – the roof should be decorated with crystals in the colors of the rainbow, and a beam of light should be on the ridge to shine in all directions. The building itself should reflect the light of day and the signs of the night.”

Museum in Iceland

Five characteristics of the Perlan Museum Iceland

There are five characteristics of the Perlan Museum Iceland which are valued to see.

1. In the force of nature section there are displays of nature related to sensory exhibitions. Therefore, it is possible to see, hear and feel the force of volcanoes, earthquakes, and geothermal energy. Moreover, there is an interactive underwater journey section that provides an intimate onscreen viewing experience of Iceland’s marine life.

Museum in Iceland

2. There are manmade glaciers and ice cave exhibitions. The ice cave is wide 100 meters and it is crafted using 350 tonnes of Iceland mountain snow. The glaciers section comprehends a holistic exploration including what global warming means for their future and what is the impact on the environment.

3. The planetarium has won multiple film festival awards in 2019 for its unique simulation of the Northern Lights and a projection of space that people can describe as an experience of a lifetime. In fact, all this praise has rendered the Perlan Museum Iceland more popular than the Aurora Museum for learning about the Northern Lights.

4. The water in the Icelandic nature exhibition offers the opportunity to learn all about the beloved aqua as its functions for the wildlife of Iceland and how important it will be for an environmentally conscious future.

5. At the top of the building, there is a 360-degree view of Reykjavik, where the landscape is principally characterized by mountains.

Museum in Iceland

Opening hours of the Perlan Museum Iceland and shops

The opening hours of the Perlan Museum Iceland are 10-18. There is a little coffee shop that is open 10-17 weekdays and 12-17 on weekends. Moreover, you can enjoy the Perlan Ice Cream Shop which is open from 12-22.

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