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The Sónar Festival: A Music Extravaganza in Reykjavík!

Are you ready for an incredible musical adventure? The Sónar Festival in Reykjavík is part of a global series of alternative music festivals. Originally born in Barcelona, this festival has now made its mark in Iceland. Stay tuned to the Blue House blog to stay updated on all the exciting details on where it happens and how you can join in!

Winter festival Iceland
photo credits @Danny Howe on Unsplash


What Makes The Sónar Festival Special?

Get ready for an intimate and unforgettable experience at the Sónar Festival. The festival takes place at Harpa Concert House, one of Europe’s most extraordinary venues. With a capacity of 3,500 guests per night, Harpa sets the stage for hip hop, electronic, and advanced music performances. But here’s the real treat: the stunning Northern Lights might grace the sky above you as you enjoy the music!


Sonar festival Reykjavik Music festival in Iceland
photo credits @Danny Howe on Unsplash

The festival takes place during the peak season for the Northern Lights, usually in November. So, while you’re at Harpa, don’t forget to look up and catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis through the glass building. But that’s not all Iceland has to offer. The breathtaking landscapes of mountains and arctic beauty surround Harpa, creating a perfect backdrop for the festival. And if you’re up for more adventures, you can even spot whales in the Faxaflói Bay near the old harbor area.

The Sónar Reykjavik lineup showcases the vibrant music scene in Iceland. It features both up-and-coming local artists who are making their mark on the international stage and established talents from around the world. This unique blend of artists gives the festival its distinctive character and guarantees an incredible music experience.

When Can You Join the Fun?

For more detailed information, you can always visit the official website or check out the Blue House blog. Keep yourself updated on the next Sónar Festival so you don’t miss out on this amazing music extravaganza in Reykjavík. Get ready to dance, sing, and make unforgettable memories at the Sónar Festival!

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