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The President’s Home and Church at Bessastadir

the official residence of the President of Iceland
The President’s Residence, Bessastadir, Iceland

In Iceland, 13km from the center of Reykjavik is the official house of the president. Bessastadir has been the home of the Icelandic president since 1941. But, the written records of Bessastadir date back to the 13th century. Before this piece of land housed Iceland’s president, it had been home to some of the first settlers in Iceland. Later in the 14th century, Iceland was under the rule of Norway. This piece of land was taken by the King. It’s used by the highest-ranking Norwegian official in Iceland. Norway did not rule Iceland forever, and in 1761 the main building was built.

Today, the main building is where the president of Iceland resides. The church next to it was consecrated in 1796. Still, before this property was home to the president, it was a school until 1867. After, it became the home of a famous poet instead. By the 1940s, when Iceland became the Independent Republic, the property had been donated to the state. the purpose of it becoming the President of Iceland’s home.

How To Visit Bessastadir

Today, this prominent building consists of a reception room, service wing, the President’s residence, a caretaker’s apartment, the Bessastadir Church, and a garage. The president’s residence is open for tourists to visit and explore when they visit Iceland. If you are looking to explore the rich history of Iceland on your trip, visit Bessastadir. You can find these tours here.

Stay near Bessastadir

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