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Ski in Bláfjöll, Iceland

Iceland is an amazing destination to visit especially in the winters. You can ski in Bláfjöll as there is no end to the choices of outdoor sports activities here. Winter sports thrive in Iceland. One of the best places to ski in Iceland is in Bláfjöll, or the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are a 25-minute drive from the capital city, Reykjavik. There are several slopes to ski down in Bláfjöll. This is the perfect winter holiday for winter sports enthusiasts. One of the special things about Bláfjöll, or the Blue Mountains, is that the area is volcanic. The mountains were actually formed by volcanoes thousands of years ago.

The tunnel of Leidarendi was formed by a volcanic explosion which now has a ring shape inside of the mountain which tourists can explore and hike through. The ski slopes attract many locals from the beginning of February to the end of April. The ski slopes of Bláfjöll are a very popular destination for the locals during Easter weekend.

There are 16 ski lifts available and about 9 miles of slopes to ski down. There is the gear on-site available to rent for those who do not own their own ski gear. For those who might be new to skiing, there are also lessons available at Bláfjöll.

Where to Stay in Bláfjöll

When planning your trip to Iceland, it is important to consider where you will stay. Iceland is a beautiful country to see and spending your holiday skiing the days away sounds like a dream. This activity can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast is a five-minute walk away from Reykjavik and is completely affordable. By staying in our cozy and traditional Icelandic homes you will be embracing Icelandic culture.

There is nothing you will miss out on during your stay in Iceland when you stay with BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast. Outside of your door, you might see the Northern Lights. Walk five minutes and you will find yourself in the incredible capital city of Reykjavik. And a short drive away, you can rent ski gear and spend your day learning the slopes.

As long as you are staying with BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast, your stay will be unforgettable. Book today and fill your days in Iceland with adventures.


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