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What Volcano Erupted in Iceland?

For the first time in 800 years, recently a volcano erupted in Iceland. The volcano Fagradalsfjall, close to the capital city Reykjavik, came back to life on Friday, March 19th. Iceland was experiencing around 40,000 earthquakes in the past three weeks. While an erupting volcano sounds scary, this one was quite delightful. With no injuries or deaths, the most this volcano caused was a bit of a traffic jam. Otherwise, the locals didn’t mind and the singer Bjork, quite happy.

 Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

This excitement for the eruption came from locals not only because it is an insanely cool event to witness, but because they can finally rest again after weeks of earthquakes.

Iceland is full of natural wonders. It was reported as the volcano was erupting that the northern lights were visible at the same time. It is nearly impossible to anticipate the shows put on by the natural world. But that should not stop anyone from visiting Iceland and witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. While it could be another 800 years before Fagradalsfjall decides to erupt again, Iceland is home to more than 30 active volcanos. You have not missed your chance to see one of nature’s most beautiful attractions.

 Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast

Fagradalsfjall, the volcano that erupted, is not only close to Reykjavik but it is close to BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast as well. BlueHouse B&B, which has several apartments and rooms to rent, is just a five-minute walk from Reykjavik. One of the things we are most known for is being able to see the northern lights right from your window when you stay with us.

If you visit us after this most recent eruption, we can tell you how to get to any of the volcanoes in Iceland that you may wish to see. Whether a volcano erupting at the time or not, it is an incredible experience to have. There are not many people who can say they have seen a volcano erupt, or that they have been on volcanoes at all. By staying at BlueHouse Bed and Breakfast, we can help you have those unforgettable and incomparable experiences.

Whether the sky is a glowing red or there are blue and green lights dancing across it on your stay, what you see you will never forget.

When you visit Iceland, you are welcome to visit waterfalls and glaciers, volcanoes, and the aurora borealis. Make your stay unforgettable and comfortable, too, by staying at BlueHouse B&B. You have the opportunity to witness the natural wonders of the world from your doorstep at affordable prices.

There is no better opportunity to stay in Iceland than at BlueHouse B&B. Everything you could need on your trip, we have ready for you.


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