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How To See the Northern Lights in Iceland

One thing that should be on everyone’s bucket list is to see the northern lights in Iceland. I am sure if you are reading this is yours too. But it can be a difficult thing to time, as the Northern Lights answer to no one. There is no guarantee that if you visit Iceland you will see the northern lights. Yet, there are definitely things to look out for to know if you might see them or not.

See the Northern Lights in Iceland
Northern lights in the City of Reykjavik

Weather Conditions

While the northern lights are present all year long there are certain conditions that are optimal for its viewing, such as time of year. The northern lights are most visible when it’s dark out. Plan your visit from late September – to early April. The next important condition is whether the sky is clear. If the sky is too cloudy, it will be hard to see the lights. These two weather conditions are the most important factors in whether the northern lights will be visible. Many measures can be taken to ensure your best chances to see the magical sight of the aurora borealis.

How To See the Northern Lights in Iceland
Northern lights view in the evening

How To See the Northern Lights?

While we cannot make promises that you will see the northern lights, we can share our favorite apps which will help you track them. Aurora Service is a website dedicated to tracking in depth the conditions of the northern lights using technology from NASA. They also have SMS alerts that you can sign up for and they will let you know, based on their calculations, when the northern lights are visible.

There is also an app called My Aurora Forecast & Alerts available for both Apple and Android products. The app will send messages when aurora activity is particularly high, and also has information about solar wind activity and sun imagery.

How To See the Northern Lights in Iceland
A farm under a green night sky

Where To See the Northern Lights?

There are many places in Iceland to see the northern lights. So all there is to decide is where to stay in Iceland. Blue House Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to accommodate your stay. With rooms and apartments inside of cozy traditional Icelandic homes and easy self-check-ins, the northern lights could be right on your doorstep.

Blue House B&B has locations just a five-minute walk from Reykjavik, as well as a location in Grótta near the lighthouse. Grótta is known for being a spectacular place to see the northern lights from.

Check a dream vacation off your bucket list and book your stay today with Blue House Bed and Breakfast.



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